Connecting to Live from a Windows Phone Background Agent

December 15, 2011

Windows Phone Mango introduced Background Agents. This are a really exciting feature that allows applications to run in the background either as a Periodic or as a Resource Intensive tasks and perform certain actions. One of the things that I needed to implement for my application was a synchronize task that would connect to the current user Live account and perform some synchronization and management tasks. This feature promised exactly what I needed and with the recently released Live SDK that included libraries for Metro and Windows Phone applications it looked like this would be really straightforward to implement… How wrong I was !

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Connecting to Live from a Windows Phone Background Agent


ULS Log Viewer: Sharepoint tool for accessing ULS logs from Central Administration

June 13, 2011

Lately I have been posting a few articles related to how the new Sharepoint Logging database worked and how to configure it to store
the ULS logs. In these articles we have seen how the ULS Trace tables are populated by a diagnostics timer job
and also how was the data stored in the different partition tables. The reason why I have
been interested in this topic is because I have been working on a tool to surface the ULS data stored in the database in a administration page
accessible from my Central Administration. I thought it would be a great idea to share it so feel free to download it if you also find it useful.

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Sharepoint Logging database: ULS Trace tables, how they work

June 2, 2011

With the new Sharepoint Logging database we now have the possibility of storing ULS trace logs in tables in this
database. The responsible for this process is a Sharepoint Job that periodically moves ULS logs from the files in
every Sharepoint Server to the database (follow my previous article on this topic
for more info). But how are the logs actually stored in this database? Recently I have been involved in a project for
extending this logging platform and I had the opportunity to review how this database works.

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Yet Another Powershell Warmup Script for Sharepoint

May 25, 2011

The title says it all ! I am publishing in this article a Powershell script I created that I use in my Sharepoint Farm to warmup my sites after there has been a recycle of the application pools that host my Sharepoint Web Applications. It is a good practice to schedule a recycle of the web sites on a daily basis, ideally this should happen during non working hours. The issue then is that when first users access the portal they experience slow load times because it’s the first time the pages are accessed

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Sharepoint Logging Database: Enable Verbose and Information ULS logs

May 17, 2011

One of the new nice and cool features of Sharepoint 2010 is the new Logging database. What it allows us to do is to collect all sorts of usage and
health information and store it in a database that we can later use for querying and reporting. When I first heard about that I was pretty exited,
specially when I read that it could be used to store all of our farm ULS logs as well! No more having to connect to each server in the farm and
browse the log files trying to diagnose an error, even with the new
powershell command this was still a tedious process.

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Move a Sharepoint Designer Workflow to a different Farm

May 13, 2011

Sharepoint 2010 has introduced lots of new features in Sharepoint Designer Workflows. What used to be a technology designed to allow  some power users to create their own workflows and associate them with Sharepoint lists is now a much more powerful tool. Amongst the  new features introduced are the possibility of creating reusable and global reusable workflow that can be reused in the same site or at the Site collection level, create Site level workflows and also to export Sharepoint Designer workflows to .WSP templates

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‘the server was unable to create your template’ error when saving Sharepoint Designer workflow as a template

May 11, 2011

This an error I got while developing reusable Sharepoint Designer workflows for Sharepoint 2010. What I was trying to do was to create a new reusable SPD workflow and publish it globally to the Site Collection, then I would try to export it as a WSP template and import it on different sites. I had already succesfully exported other workflows with no issues however with this one I run into a new error. When clicking the “Save as template” button, Sharepoint Designer would return the error “the server was unable to create your template”….

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