Bawego – Go software for windows phone 7

What is bawego ?

Bawego is an online application that allows users to manage their go game and problems files stored in sgf format and to review and replay those files using the bawego client for windows phone 7.

This is a project I started for fun and to learn how to develop in the new Microsoft mobile platform and also, I wanted to get a new device but as an experienced go player, couldn’t do so if there was no go software available.

Why bawego ?

Bawego name was created using the word for the game in the language of those countries where the game is most popular. In korea the game is known as Baduk, in China as Weiqi and in Japan as Go.

Some of the features of bawego

    • Upload games in sgf format to a bawego account and review them using the WP7 client
      Review collections of problems organized by problem difficulty
  • More info

    Visit bawego for more info !!


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